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Jonas Peter's RA2


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Game Reviews


The above it a code for the poor people who have lost they're codes and can not re-install the game of RA2.

Red Alert Two: (not yuri revenge)
Platform: PC

System requirements:

Windows 98/00/ME/XP
32MB Ram
300ish MB hard disk space
6MB video card
Minimum of 800 mhz

Game description and comments:

This is a great strategy game for I would say 10+ years of age. After a year the music gets super stupid but I say to take a break for a month and then you'll like it again, well maybe two month of three. The graphics are always nice to look at except if they ever come out with something far better. And ya.

Graphics: 7
Sound effects and music: 7
Originality: 3
Challenge: 9
Game play: 5

All out review from me (from ten to one);

I would say hmm... Nine! Yes I loved it.